Website & Web Application Solutions

Expert Designers and Developers of Websites and Web Applications to Support your Business

As technology continues to advance and as we step forward into the digital age, all businesses and organizations must ask themselves if they are evolving at the right pace and staying connected with their target audience. A crucial aspect of connecting with your current or future customers, clients, or members is having a powerful website that allows them to fully understand everything that you do and stay connected with your missions, values, and causes.

We build modernized websites that will have your current and prospective audience quickly associate with your brand. The websites we build and develop are done with the following key principles:

  1. Easy to navigate - First and foremost, your website needs to be designed and developed for all viewers to be able to easily navigate your website and find what they are looking for. If your visitors can't find what they are looking for, they will leave. It's our mission to make websites that captivate your audience and keep them on your website as long as necessary to deliver your desired conversion.
  2. Easy to update - Not all users of your website will be the most technically savvy. All of our websites are developed with that as one of our top constraints. When we deliver a completed website, we will ensure that you and your staff understand how to update and add information on the website. We will provide detailed documentation, how-to videos, and formalized training if necessary.
  3. Easy to grow - When we accept a project we do so because we strongly believe that we can help a business or organization grow. This goes into the planning and execution of all projects, we ensure that what are delivering to you will be able to not only support your growth, but also be a key attribute in the creation of your growth.

Website Design

A website is no longer optional for a business or organization that wants to be taken seriously or grow. Your website needs to be top-notch and professional looking, because it's what represents your brand. Our websites are designed to make your brand stand-out. Every color, image, and font is selected with precision and care, we don't stop until our clients are happy with a unique design crafted specifically for their brand.

Website Hierarchy

The website hierarchy or navigation is an important, and often overlooked, aspect of website development. Have you ever landed on a website that looks absolutely amazing and years ahead of the time, but end up leaving because you have no idea how to find what you're looking for? It happens too often, building innovative and unique websites can be done without reinventing the wheel, your visitors need to be able to easily find what they are looking for or else your bounce rate will rise and that will hurt your SEO score. We have successfully created effective hierarchies for sites with as few as a couple of pages and for sites with as many as 50,000. Whatever the scope of your project is, we will have a solution!

Content Management System (CMS)

Content Management Systems have reduced the technical requirements for managing a website to an all-time low. We have years of experience with all the major players: WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Adobe Catalyst, and even the eCommerce frameworks. We understand that when a website is completed and delivered, our customers are anxious to hit the ground running. We will work with you to deliver a solution that will be easy to manage and will meet your organizations needs. Our team will ensure that you are getting the proper training and resources to be prepared to manage your website the moment we deliver it.

Website Strategy

Do you want a conventional website, or do you want to have a site that makes your visitors say "wow"? We know that one website doesn't fit every brand, so we will work with you to research your competitors and understand your target audience to make sure we design and develop the website that is best suited for you. We can help your business or organization with every step of creating a strategy, because we take pride in doing more than just building websites, we help build sustainable growth. When we build a new website, we always make sure the strategy is aligned with the organizational objectives and the target market.

Website Development

Creating a beautiful website design, building an effective strategy, and developing a hierarchy are extremely important prerequisites to the actual development. However, our expert developers and coders understand that website development requires careful execution to ensure that your website is built to be compliant with the most stringent industry standards (Section 508 and W3C compliance). We will also make sure that your website is scalable to support your growing business or organization and allow you to pivot with the latest trends and developments in your market.