EMail Marketing

EMail Marketing is the Most Cost Effective and Powerful Form of Marketing

Embracing the greatest and most powerful marketing tool, email marketing, is the key to success for lot's of businesses or organizations, and is what can separate you from your competition. Whether you need help growing your list of subscribers, analyzing and segmenting your current subscribers, creating or optimizing your newsletter and email campaigns, or helping to recover from the feared blacklists, WebAdmins has done it all before and we're ready for the next challenge.

We offer a wide variety of email marketing services and each solution will be different, as they will be catered specifically for each client. This type of advertising is very inexpensive and highly effective. With the right planning, goal setting, and execution, any business can quickly and cheaply build a monster database of potential customers, and then with careful testing and segmentation of that database, the results can be extremely rewarding. Some of the high-level detail of how we can help you is shown below, please send us an email or give us a call to discuss how we can add value to your business or organization.

Newsletter Campaign Management

If you want to completely outsource your email marketing then we can work with you to create a solution specific to your business or organization. We can deliver powerful and cost-effective campaigns that segments your subscribers to send them relevant content and information that gets them engaged with your brand, promotes viral and word-of-mouth marketing, and most importantly, triggers conversions and growth

Mailing List Analysis & Segmentation

It's one thing to have a giant mailing list with a lot of subscribers, but knowing how to use your mailing list is an entirely different ballgame. Your subscribers are interested in hearing from your brand for many different reasons, and analyzing those reasons to segment your subscribers to ensure your delivering them the valuable content they are after will help you optimize your campaigns and see better results. WebAdmins specialists love combing through data to identify trends and find patterns, give us a call or email if you want help analyzing your mailing list(s) and segmenting your subscribers into groups to add value to your business or organization.

Newsletter Design & Optimization

How effective are your email campaigns? If your subscribers aren't responding or converting, then it's time to re-assess the design of your emails and perform well-planned A/B Testing to fine-tune and optimize your campaigns to maximize conversions. Whether you need help or guidance to get your business or organization on track, or if you would rather have us do it for you, we will craft a solution specific to your needs.

Blacklist Removal

If your emails are going to spam and you're not seeing any results from your campaigns, your domain or IP Address might be blacklisted. Being blacklisted can be a death sentence to a business or organization that relies on email marketing for sales, conversions, or awareness. If you've been added to a blacklist then we suggest contacting us to see what we can do to help with blacklist removal to get your brand back on track. We will also review your campaign history to identify the root cause of why you were blacklisted in-order to provide recommendations to prevent it from happening again.